spiritual navigation & intuition development

"Spirit Guide"

Spiritual navigation & Intuition development
The human psyche has an inner and outer reality: the conscious mind, which relates to the material plane and our human’s finite existence, and the unconscious mind, which connects to the divine, ineffable and immortal aspect of our nature, a unified field of consciousness. When societal processes of development and maturation are unaccompanied by spiritual practice (which helps us connect to our inner compass), the outer reality comes to dominate our experience, and our true nature is thrown out of balance, resulting in emotional, medical or midlife crises.

We humans have an innate thirst for transcendent experience. We have a need to connect with the divine side of our nature, the inner world, that ineffable greatness that can only be experienced, or, as Joseph Campbell puts it, that which can be known but not told. When we examine our feelings about spirituality, and properly and critically re-define the Divine, we free ourselves to access our innate navigation systems and connect to infinite wisdom and creative resources. The job is to cultivate an inner path and alchemical toolkit, so that:

  • when we need to make difficult decisions,

  • want to know what is best for our healing,

  • want to change our circumstances,

  • or simply want to love better,

we can self-nurture and turn to inner resources and unconscious wisdom, instead of constantly reaching outside of ourselves for answers and illusory comforts. Physiologically, this means the reconstruction of neural pathways, psychically, it is a paradigm shift from control to process orientation, and energetically, we move from self-grasping to universal love.